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Hand Woven Chanderi Sarees

The hand-woven Chanderi Saris are woven in the little township of Chanderi in Guna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The township is mainly of weavers who are master craftsmen. The Chanderi sarees exhibit delicate craftsmanship. They are traditional products are woven using hand spun cotton yarn. Once patronized by the Royals and the wealthy, these products are very popular all over the World today.    This exquisite and subtly designed product is as a result of direct competition with mill made fabric introduced by the British in India.  The sarees are light weight and have a characteristic glossy transparency.  

The saris are best suited for summers as they are made of cotton along with silk thread and zari thread made of Gold. There is a gold border and 2 golden bands on the Sari Pallu. The costly ones are made using gold chicks with lotus butis. The colors are obtained solely from flower, vegetable dyes and Catechu. The weaving is done using colorful threads.

The woven saris are available using soft pastel range of color. These Indian dresses comes in vast range of light and dark colors. The sarees are further embellished and embroidered for lavish appearance. Chanderi suits are also very popular dress item in India. Similary amongst popular Indian dress items are Sarees from Maheswar hand woven in Madhya Pradesh India.

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