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Indian Craftsmen & Astisans

Since ages the top ranking Indian craftsmen have mastered the art of carving and making handicraft items and gifts. The art of carving is known to men from pre-historic times and the artisans in India have continued these glorious traditions from generations. Indian craftsmen are known worldwide for their intricate carving on wood, stone, metal like brass, gold, silver and bone.

Indian handicraft industry
is as old as Indus valley civilization almost 5000 years from now. There are references of weavers and weaving in rig Vedas also.

Hand craftsmen flourished in the field of weaving, metal working, pottery, jewelry in the medieval period and the golden period of Mughals. The work like glass engraving, brocade weaving enameling etc. were introduced by Mughals.

Initially these artists came from lower cast and class of the community who were traditionally into it. Craftsmen, painters, carvers and handloom weavers created handicraft items and dresses like saris, suits, and karats for their subsistence. Gradually the handicraft industry in India flourished and today handy crafts are exported to US, UK, Australia and World wide. Our rich heritage and the professional artisans who live in small towns and villages has resulted in successful creation of markets all over the World

The art is taught to next generation keeping the tradition and industry alive. There is very little provision for children of artisans hence they adopt their parent’s skills which has been transferred from generation to generation.

The iron pillar at Mehroli in Delhi proves the high efficiency reached by Indian crafts men. Indian crafts men use a range of metals like copper, bell metal, white metal etc.

Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is famous for brass items which are sold all over the World. The brass antiques are in great demand. The naquashi work of Kashmir is world famous. Madhya Pradesh a part now carved into Chhattisgarh is famous for its Bastar art. Similarly boxes of Bundelkhand, Sarguja lamps, animal figures of Raigarh have created a large market for the products internationally. Work of Bidri of Andhra Pradesh, silver filgiri or filigree work of Orissa, Koftagari work of Alwar and Jaipur and some of famous Indian metal work. Traditional Indian paintings made of natural colors and dyes are very popular all over the World.

The handloom industry churns out Indian saris popular in the country, salwar, suits, kurtas, lehanga and cholis. These dresses are in great demand even outside India worn by fashionable people who like Indian dresses. Sarees are long cloth embroidered of hand painted by weaver and is draped around a women. traditional Saris are woven on handlooms embroidered and further adorned with zari work. The famous exmaples are Chanderi and Maheswari Sarees that are made in Madhya Pradesh.


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